West Palm Beach , FL
Borderline Personality Disorder
West Palm Beach , FL
Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Miami, FL
Borderline Personality Disorder
Miami, FL
Dialectical Behavior Therapy
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Gregory W. Lester, Ph.D. is a psychologist who has been in practice for over 25 years. Because he is one of only a few professionals qualified to specialize in the most difficult behavior called “Personality Disorders,” he is in tremendous demand as a consultant, speaker, and trainer. He has worked with health care organizations, social service agencies, professional associations, juvenile court justices, state Supreme Courts, religious organizations, and The United States Department of Justice.

In addition to holding a university faculty position, Dr. Lester has authored five books, has published research and articles in publications ranging from The Journal of the American Medical Association to The Skeptical Inquirer, and in the past five years has had over 65,000 professionals attend his talks and trainings.

Dr. Lester maintains a clinical practice, ongoing research, and presents about 100 talks per year to professionals, conferences, and meetings on both Personality Disorders and other topics of importance to individuals and business. Because he has worked with every type of human behavior, his presentations are uniquely powerful, insightful, practical, and extremely humorous. Conference attendees consistently rate Dr. Lester’s talks as their favorite sessions.

Gregory W. Lester, Ph.D.
111 Harrison Street
Suite 1
Denver, CO 80206
Phone: 303-399-3406

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